venerdì 20 aprile 2012

SketchUp Infinity Building

Edificio per Infinity, progetto per il contest "I Minimondi di Capochino".
Per tutti coloro che parlano italiano, ho aperto una discussione direttamente nel forum.
Scrivere tutto in doppia copia è dannatamente lungo e noioso!

Here's a quick sketch of a triangular building for Infinity I'm planning to build for the contest at "I Minimondi di Capochino", Sci-Fi category. It will be clean and simple, with a miniamal amount of structural parts and a frame of foamed PVC sheets.

The large sides will be covered by traslucent PP or clear acetate sheets, removable for easy access.

There will be a circular central elevator and (hopefuly) loads of furniture like desks, PCs and monitors.

The building will be more or less 24 cm width and 25 cm tall.
There are a couple more designs I came up with, but they require the use of more material (it comes in 25 x 50 cm or 50 x 50 cm sheets), and maybe should be reinforced with alluminium on the vertical structure.
 They're both 50 cm tall... so yes, they would require some good, heavy basing too.

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  1. Sembra molto interessante, aspetto di vedere come prosegue!!