venerdì 4 maggio 2012

Wip: Infinity Skyscraper

Finalmente mi sono deciso a postare le foto del mio palazzo per Infinity. Qui potete trovare le istruzioni in italiano.

I'm finally ready to post my current WIP for the Infinity skyscraper I'm building.

First I draw a template on A3 paper sheet.
Next I bought two sheets of foamed PVC (Multiexel) and a sheet of clear satin PP (Policolor).
I draw all the pieces on the PVC sheets using the paper template.
I cut 3 4x50cm PVC stripes, then I marked all the floor heights.
I drilled a hole in the middle of every mark.
I made a triangle template to help me putting marks right in the middle of every short edge.
I added a dot on the middle of every short edge.
Drilled holes in the marked locations.
I put thin nails in the PVC stripes, using the holes I did before.
I cut 3 stripes from the PP sheets to match the width of the building; than I dry-fitted the whole building.
Better shot of the (hopefully good) final effect for the façade.
Naked skeleton of the building.

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  1. Mi piace molto come sta venendo, non vedo l'ora di vederlo finito!