mercoledì 16 novembre 2011

Miniature Update

In queste settimane anche se non ho scritto nulla non sono rimasto con le mani in mano. In questo periodo, infatti, sono riuscito a terminare alcune miniature che mi stavo trascinando dietro da un po'.
During these weeks I didn't write anything about minis, but I actually managed to finish some of 'em I had lying around for too long.

First of all, here we have Amy Kennedy, an Ariadna 5th Minuteman with a light shotgun and a double-barrel missile launcher for Infinity.
Little conversion from a 40k Ork slaver. Will be used as a super-mutant in some Post-Apocalyptic or Steampunk setting. To be honest, I simply love the little goblin head, it gives him a real dumb feeling... more or less like super-mutants in Fallout 1.

Old school Gangster (probably Copplestone... not sure).
Vault 13 dweller (Future Wars, Mirliton Miniatures)

'20s Adventurer/Zombie Hunter/Vampire Slayer (probably Copplestone... not sure)

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